International attorney-mediators bar

The International attorney-mediators bar association is a structural unit of the International Association of peace foundations. 

International attorney-mediators bar association unites attorney-mediators from around the world.

The main purpose of the Bar is joint business management on pre-trial and arbitration resolution of commercial and civil conflicts.

The Bar emphasises on resolving conflicts that threaten peaceful coexistence of both individuals and companies, countries and regions.

Members of the Bar of each country have attracted partners from other countries to work together to resolve international disputes for working each on its territory with its side of the conflict.

Center for international conflicts investigation is a department of International attorney-mediators bar association.

Private detectives and investigators from different countries are invited to participate in joint investigations. 

The Bar has its own Academy of  attorney-madiators working in the form of consortium on the basis of its members from the Asia-Pacific region:

In Russia,  Union of the Mediators of the Far East represents Bar at Pacific region:

International attorney-mediators bar association invites international organizations of lawyers and mediators and individual lawyers for joining.

Membership in the International Bar Association-mediators is open to all lawyers.

Contacts for those wishing to become a member of International attorney-mediators bar association: