Programs for 2019

1. International festival. At Russian town, Lushun, Dalian, China. Summer.

2. Conference "STGs at Sustainable Transport and Peace", United Nations Headquaters, Geneva, April 12-13.

2a. Peace car rally Busan, South Korea - St.Petersburg, Russia - May-September.

3. Peace car rally "Great Silk Road" Beijing, China - Moscow, Russia, - May- September.

4. Education program with UN affiliated Institutes Institutes for peacekeepers from BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organisation countries - May-December.

5. International conference "Civilian Personnel of UN Peacekeeping Operations on the Special Needs of Women and Children in Conflict" at UN Geneva Headquaters - Spring or Summer time.

6. International contest of gifted and talented youth and kids devoted at Geneva Headquaters of UN - October 22.